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Counterstrike: Heaven Sent (Book One) Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2

Counterstrike: Heaven Sent (Book One) Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2




Counterstrike: Heaven Sent (Book One)

by Mr. Travis Logan Salisbury

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One lonely day in Kansas farm country, a college professor enroute to a new job, encounters her biggest “surprise package” ever; a handsome, intelligent, faithful FBI agent, battered and mangled, and his equally battered and mangled government car at the side of the road. Kate soon finds herself enmeshed with Agent Gareth McFadyn's dark world of spies, terrorists, hackers and corrupt bureaucracies, and her planned road trip and career move ultimately are derailed. However, in the middle of this unforeseen mess and intrigue, Kate and Gareth together discover their similarities, and not their starkly different class backgrounds and upbringings. Together, the unlikely pair discover a deep and lasting companionship, a binding faith in their God, a passion for fun and adventure, and more importantly than not, a burning will to survive against all odds, when the evil machinations of terrorist leader Klaus Vogle, along with bad office politics, and the unscrupulous scheming of Gareth's industrial tycoon father, Andrew McFadyn. Thus begins the modern tale of a chivalrous knight and his fair, wise maiden. Follow agent Gareth “Dru” McFadyn and his “random” traveling companion, Kate Greenwood, on their odyssey of love, adventure, faith, morality, and patriotism in Counterstrike: Heaven Sent. Note: This is the Minibook Edition of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent, carefully broken down into “smaller more palatable” bites for better reader satisfaction and enjoyment, with Books One, Two and Three accounting for the main story, plus the optional Book Four: Non-Fiction, which is an author mini-bio and documentary of the making of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent.




















Counterstrike: Heaven Sent (Book One) Mr. Travis Logan Salisbury

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Counterstrike: Heaven Sent (Book One)

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